The geometric oxymoron

Why is CUBE so appreciated? What does it have so special?

CUBE represents at an unconscious level the good and the bad, the finite and the infinite, being and should be: it basically represents the human being complexity, and we are all captivated by that.

CUBE has perfection in it, proportion and rationality of a simple and perfect geometric figure: the cube; but inside of this formal perfection there are sloping lines, apparently chaotically disposed, expressing the irrational, dark side, and the creativity potential, coming out of the chaos.

This is CUBE: figure and creativity, two fundamental aspects for everyone.

Furthermore CUBE can be personalized following anybody creativity: graphic, lights, projections, material, full spaces or empty spaces: thus it is never the same, it always has a different personality.

Choose CUBE to express the uniqueness of Your image

Examples of what CUBE can become:

  • Expositor
  • Single product expositor
  • Art expositor
  • Reception/passer-by registration
  • Private conference
  • Meeting room/high level meeting
  • Hospitality suite
  • VP lounge
  • “Box” with surprise
  • Anything comes to Your mind